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Methanol fuel cell generator

Clean, safe, high conversion rate and nearly zero carbon footprint

Power by alternative energy

The exhaust of fossil fuel is concerned, we all have responsibilities to solve the issue. Methanol fuel cell generator is an easy-operated, safe, and eco-friendly power generator system for a building as an alternative power first system or an uninterruptible power supply. We could customize the system based on your requirements, in turn, a turn-key fuel cell power generation system. Small changes make a big step forward.



5G Telecom









Mobile Telecom Station

Only those telecom stations backup by fuel cell continuously supplied electricity

for affected area during Hurricane Sandy.

Off-grid Islands

mGrid is an independent and flexible power grid for balancing regional power

supply on an island to replace conventional powergenerators.

Charging station

Convenience is one of the decision factors that influence consumers whether or not purchasing an EV. mGrid could help accelerate building

charging stations.


Ocean account for 70% of the earth, mGen as ship power protects the ocean

and environment.

Key Features

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mGen is a pioneering methanol fuel cell technology. We provide a complete solution that integrates mGen with

batteries or solar into micro grid.

Unlike gasoline or diesel, using methanol as a fuel to generate electricity reduces a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions and harmful emissions, improving insufficient battery life, and intermittent solar power problems.

  • Reduced noise and nearly zero emission

  • Reformed mixed methanol and water as the fuel for direct power generator

  • The efficiency could reach over 40%

  • Heat produced by generator is near 160 ̊C, which is easy to recycle and reuse

  • No weather limitations, it is able to supply 24/7 power to a special region together with solar power.

Product Model

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mGen™ Heat recovery

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3.5kW Power supply from mGen

Half of total energy is for warm water Heating up 100L water from 10C to 50C in 3 hours.

One of the advantage of mGen™ is its relatively high operating temperature, waste heat could be recycled for warm water supply or heater, this

will help the efficiency of system to reach 80%.

Priority of warm water supply or heater is up to your choice.

8.7kW Total energy generated from mGen

Half of total energy is for heater Warm up

10 degree in a 100 sq.m room in 30 minutes.

mGen™ Heat recovery

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