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myGo Green Charging


myGo Green Charging Station
myGo EV Charger
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myGo Green Charging Station

myGo Green Charging Station

Features of myGo Green Charging Station :

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Lower noise (less than 30dB)

Clean & less emissions

No NOx, SOx, PM2.5

Higher energy density

Fast charging in
10 minutes

Flexible & transportable 

Fast building stations

# Rapidly grown E-driven vehicles market share
Building charging infrastructure has become the most critical task along with gradually growth E-driven vehicles market. Expectation of widespread charging stations is one of the key factor which convince consumer to purchase e-driven vehicles. In order to satisfy higher demand of electricity, power upgrading depends on the power archi-
tecture of a certain region.
To diminish the dependence of central grid, distr-ibuted micro grid system plays an important role.

#Distributed power generation

Mygo green charging station is a perfect concept combining off-grid and distributed green micro grid. Mygo solves the paint point of  cost and long waiting time obtaining permission on power exp-ansion and extension from central grid company. In addition, one of the significant features is its deployable based on needs. Mygo is the solution to e-driven vehicles manufacturer or charging service operators, helping to accelerate building  charging stations.

#100% Powered by green energy

Mygo green charging station integrates mGen with solar, no worries on power capacity expa-nsion and extension which is exactly a stand-alone power system. Advantages include subs-tantially reduce the cost, decrease consumers range anxiety, not even mention about relieve pressure of increasing power demand  on central grid power company, which facilitate the devel-opment of e-driven vehicles industry.

#Flexibility of building charging infrastructures

Mygo green charging station saves more space and preliminary work time, on the other hand, stand-alone power generation and deployable are exclusive,  thus, location selection is relatively flexible. Those features will be the key to drastically increasing the willingness of purchasing e-driven vehicles and experiencing services of charging.

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Solar panels canopy

& modular installation

Charging piles (8kW/ea)

AC/DC dual input

power converter


myGo EV Chrger

myGo EV Charger

Movable hydrogen charging vehicle, expanding the range of charging services

Why Using myGo EV Charger

After the announcement of the policy of banning the sale of fuel vehicles in 2035, related industries have moved in the direction of all-electric vehicles, but the progress of the construction of charging stations still cannot keep up with the increase in electric vehicles. In addition, the benefits of building charging stations in remote areas are not large, hiPower launched the myGo EV Charger will be the key product to solve the problem. The main application of myGo EV Charger is to provide charging services for electric vehicles, which can satisfy the charging needs of electric vehicles in remote regions.

Product Description

  • myGo EV Charger is a 3.5 ton small truck equipped with charging equipment. In addition to providing fixed-point charging services, it can also move freely to provide rescue services for electric vehicles.

  • As a distributed power system,  myGo EV Charger is capable of being self-sustaining by integrating mGen fuel cell power generator as an off-grid power system.

  • The design concept of myGo EV Charger is to further expand the charging suit to areas where charging stations are insufficient. In addition to providing electric vehicle rescue services, it can also provide electricity services for short-term activities of electric vehicles.


  1. Low carbon emissions - myGo EV Charger can be used with mGen Fuel Cell for power supply to reduce the air pollution, and it also is one of the indispensable devices for net zero emissions by 2050.

  2. Expandable Layout - myGo EV Charger is designed on a 3.5 ton small  truck basis, so it can move freely. In addition to providing charging services to electric vehicles in remote areas without charging equipment, it can also provide charging rescue services.

  3. Distributed power system - myGo EV Charger equipped with mGen Fuel Cell to charge electric vehicles, which can reduce the burden of power plants.

  4. New design - myGo EV Charger turning the charging station into a small truck, not only has high mobility, but also the excess space of the truck can be used for other purposes, and it is also equipped with an electric tailgate that is easy to operate.

Specification Table


User Scenarios

Scenario 1:

Charging Electric Vehicles with myGo EV Charger

myGo EV Charger equipped with mGen Fuel Cell, and it can be used to charge electric vehicles with external charging piles as required. Whether in urban or remote areas, people can use the clean energy to charge EV, it can also achieve the purpose of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


myGo EV Charger


Electric Vehicle

Scenario 2:

myGo EV Charger Provides Charging Rescue

In addition to its expandable layout, myGo EV Charger can also provide emergency charging services for electric vehicles with insufficient power. For example, providing road charging rescue services.


myGo EV Charger


Electric Vehicle

Scenario 3:

myGo EV Charger Provides Additional Services for Travel Industry

myGo EV Charger turned into a food truck that not only serves meals, but also provides charging services to attract consumers.


myGo EV Charger


Electric Vehicle

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