Green Charging Station 

Features of Mygo green charging station :

Lower noise (less than 30dB)

Clean & less emissions

  No NOx, SOx, PM2.5

Higher energy density

Fast charging in

10 minutes

Flexible & transportable

     Fast building stations

# Rapidly grown E-driven vehicles market share

Building charging infrastructure has become the most critical task along with gradually growth E-driven vehicles market. Expectation of widespread charging stations is one of the key factor which convince consumer to purchase e-driven vehicles. In order to satisfy higher demand of electricity, power upgrading depends on the power archi-

tecture of a certain region.

To diminish the dependence of central grid, distr-ibuted micro grid system plays an important role.

#Distributed power generation

Mygo green charging station is a perfect concept combining off-grid and distributed green micro grid. Mygo solves the paint point of  cost and long waiting time obtaining permission on power exp-ansion and extension from central grid company. In addition, one of the significant features is its deployable based on needs. Mygo is the solution to e-driven vehicles manufacturer or charging service operators, helping to accelerate building  charging stations.

#100% Powered by green energy

Mygo green charging station integrates mGen with solar, no worries on power capacity expa-nsion and extension which is exactly a stand-alone power system. Advantages include subs-tantially reduce the cost, decrease consumers range anxiety, not even mention about relieve pressure of increasing power demand  on central grid power company, which facilitate the devel-opment of e-driven vehicles industry.

#Flexibility of building charging infrastructures

Mygo green charging station saves more space and preliminary work time, on the other hand, stand-alone power generation and deployable are exclusive,  thus, location selection is relatively flexible. Those features will be the key to drastically increasing the willingness of purchasing e-driven vehicles and experiencing services of charging.

Solar panels canopy

& modular installation

Charging piles (8kW/ea)

AC/DC dual input

power converter


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