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Smart grid, as smart as you

What is Distributed Power Grid?

Renewable energy sources such as mGen, solar PV, batteries integrating with energy storage technology is considered to be one of the most efficient distributed power system. Solar PV covers the power generation in the daytime, whereas mGen which fueled by methanol solution takes the night shift. Besides, the power system is relatively quiet and thrift.

Micro Grid

Key Features


mGrid is a set of a 7-25kWp micro-grid system. Multiple energy sources such as Pv, mGen, and battery hybrid is primary power, and grid power is considered to be secondary. Under the same system architecture, the algorithm of energy management can also be revised so the excess electricity can be sold to the power company.

Two kinds of mgrid applications

Scenario 1 [Peak-shaving]

For those who consumes large amount of electricity or for industrial use, alternative power supply for peak time help preventing surpass from

contracted power capacity.

Scenario 2 [Alternative power as priority power]

Alternative power as priority power supply meet the requirement of RE100 vendors. Also, the surplus could be sold back to power company.


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PV Specifications

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Energy storage

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belongs to distributed power, it is able to provide continuous power from unpredictable grid power outage.


combines grid power, peak-shaving is suitable for those with contracted capacity.

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