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myGo green charging station knocks on outlying islands.

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Autumn is coming in the blink of an eye after preparation over the spring and summer in 2021, myGo green charging station - an completely independent charging station powered mainly by hydrogen energy together with solar energy as auxiliary power, the first station in outlying islands is located in Penghu has launched the service at the end of summer!

Penghu islands are rich in tourism and natural resources, transportation on the islands are mainly driven by gasoline. Although the tourists bring consumption, they also cause local tourism pollution. We are aware that the central power grid cannot be connected to the island, so diesel generators are needed to meet demand with oil transportation and replenishment. We all understand that economic development is inseparable from the power infrastructure, therefore, if the transportation and power infrastructure of outlying islands can take the lead in combining green energy and a sustainable business model for economic development, the future can be expected!

hiPower GreenTech has joined hands with Yes! Energy and Fun Energy, the cross-border cooperation between tourism and green energy, in line with the government's energy policy and the 2050 net zero carbon emission target, our contribution of knocking on Penghu is without reservation.

We sincerely thank the Penghu County Government and the tourism industry for their strong support, and thank the THFCP and Economic Daily News for the report.

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