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5G Telecom base station powered by fuel cell

Moving from 4G to 5G telecommunication, there is a trend in increasing capacity and sites, and the stability of telecom stations is critical. Therefore, power quality and readiness are the priorities for mobile operators.

The case demonstrated a new telecom site in China which uses mGen fuel cell to power the communication network 24/7 when the power capacity is not enough to supply for both 4G and 5G stations.

There are several important network communication locations in densely populated areas, remote areas, islands, mountain areas, or where often affected by weather, we called them disaster-resistant network stations. Fuel cell using methanol water mix is a safe, quiet, reliable power supply source which can be used for backup and supplemental power sources.

A report has indicated how a stable and quality backup power can bring safety to mobile end users during severe weather conditions, the result tell us only those telecom stations backup by fuel cell continuously supplied electricity for affected area during Hurricane Sandy.

In contrast, traditional diesel generators or batteries that have been used in the past often have high maintenance costs and low storage safety, which are often high-risk solutions.

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