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A key to well-handled tail gas from semiconductor process

Hydrogen Recycle Purification

Nowadays semiconductor industry is booming. The amount of hydrogen used is huge, and the impact of hydrogen on the environment and the cost of the process are both high.

The exhaust gas produced by the semiconductor process has a high content of hydrogen, which cannot be recycled and generates waste heat.

But it changed after HRP-200 appeared.

Traditionally, tail gas treatment is usually handled by high-temperature combustion or dilution exhaust, which
not only produces waste heat but also wastes hydrogen.


Therefore, this product must be environmentally friendly, do not generate waste heat, and reduce production costs.

To this end, we have developed a system called HRP-200 that can recover exhaust gas as well as reduce the cost of hydrogen, and it can also reduce dependence on fossil fuels and waste heat emissions.


Key Features



  • Strip, recycle and purify high volume hydrogen of tail gas from processing.

  • It is clean and it saves more in compare with conventional combustion on tail gas.

  • The amount of hydrogen recycling will reach 80% on average, providing 99.999% purity of hydrogen.

  • Reduce the cost of purchasing hydrogen, thus with higher ROI.


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