A key to well-handled tail gas from semiconductor process

Hydrogen Recycle Purification

In a semiconductor process, saving more hydrogen will reduce dependency on fossil fuels as well as expenditure while decelerating the global warming. Tail gas produced by MOCVD process could be collected and recycled by our provided technology, Hydrogen Recycle Purifier (HRP).


Segregation process on ammonia and hydrogen not only discharging heat but wasting hydrogen in a conventional technology. By adopting our proposed solution as well as air stripping technology, mixed tail gas could be segregated, recycled, and purified effectively. It is able to re-supply back to manufacturing process and reduce cost of production.

We dedicated to contribute our solution not only to green energy technology but the industry related to human beings.

Key Features

  • Strip, recycle and purify high volume hydrogen of tail gas from processing.

  • It is clean and it saves more in compare with conventional combustion on tail gas.

  • The amount of hydrogen recycling will reach 80% on average, providing 99.999% purity of hydrogen.

  • Reduce the cost of purchasing hydrogen, thus with higher ROI.


​Expertise in tail gas process

There is a great amount of hydrogen, ammonia, and nitrogen contained in tail gas produced by MOCVD equipment during LED processing, and hiPower is the expert when it comes to handling tail gas.

Flow range of all kind gases:

  • Hydrogen 120 - 345 SLPM;

  • Ammonia 65 - 150 SLPM; 

  • Nitrogen 135 - 240 SLPM;

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